Lollo & Allan Electrical & Sound Masking have been installing Sound Masking in Townsville, Cairns, Brisbane and Toowoomba since Mid 2014.

Type of customers include Banking, Health Funds, Council Buildings, Automotive Industry Call Centre, Queensland Government Departments & Accountants.

Sound masking systems are a common part of today’s interiors, from their original use in commercial offices and call centers, to relatively newer applications such as hospital patient rooms.

Without this technology, the ambient – or background – sound levels in these facilities are usually too low, leaving occupants trying to work in a pin-drop environment. In fact, the background level in most offices is so low, you can easily hear conversations and noise from up to 50 feet (15 meters) away. These distractions make it difficult to concentrate. It takes more effort to focus, which tires you out, affecting your mood and, ultimately, your productivity.

What is sound masking?

A sound masking system basically consists of a series of loudspeakers installed in a grid-like pattern in the ceiling, as well as a method of controlling their zoning and output. The loudspeakers distribute a background sound, raising the facility’s ambient level in a controlled fashion.

Though most often compared to soft airflow, this sound has been specifically engineered to cover up speech as well as noise from general office activities and exterior traffic.

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